Yale’s response to the invasion of Ukraine

Yale’s response to the invasion of Ukraine

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In a statement on March 10, 2022, Yale President Peter Salovey detailed ways the university is responding to the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine, condemned Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression, and vowed that Yale will continue to support students and scholars from Ukraine and elsewhere in the region.

As resources and support expands, we will update this page to reflect those changes. 

Initiatives at Yale

Yale is committed to mobilizing resources and coordinating with partner organizations to help displaced scholars and students who have been impacted by the recent crisis in their country. Additional information is available on the Scholars at Risk page and at the Yale News website. Departments or programs who may be able to host a scholar are asked to email: ScholarsAtRisk@yale.edu

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How You Can Help Ukrainians

Individuals who wish to help are encouraged to contribute to established organizations with programs directed to help the people of Ukraine, such as: 

  • Doctors United for Ukraine, Inc. - a non-profit incorporation of Yale medical professionals with Ukrainian roots, accepting donations to provide precision aid for critical medical and mental health needs in Ukraine
  • Red Cross Ukraine - provides vital aid to humanitarian projects
  • International Rescue Committee - helps refugees
  • Razom (Together) - a US-based and registered 501c3 non-profit organization that delivers medical and humanitarian supplies to cities across Ukraine and is developing evacuation systems for children and children with disabilities

For more information, read Yale Professor Timothy Snyder’s essay ‘A few ways to help Ukrainians’ 

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