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In August 2021, the National University of Singapore announced reorganization plans that will result in Yale-NUS College merging with the NUS University Scholars Program to create a new college. In keeping with the founding agreement between Yale and NUS, Yale-NUS College will remain open through 2025 and all its current students will have the opportunity to complete their Yale-NUS degrees. Yale-NUS alumni will remain international affiliates of the Yale Alumni Association. After 2025, Yale will have no ongoing role in the governance of the new college.

Yale-NUS College, a leading liberal arts and sciences college in Singapore, was jointly founded by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Yale University. The college draws upon the resources and traditions of its two parent institutions to pursue academic excellence through innovative teaching and research and by providing students with global opportunities for learning and development.

In 2009, Yale University and the National University of Singapore embarked on an ambitious plan to found Yale-NUS College, Singapore’s first liberal arts college with a full residential program that integrates living and learning. Drawing on the traditions of East and West, the establishment of the College forged a pioneering path in Asia to offer liberal arts and science education for a complex, interconnected world. As this community of learning continues to grow, it shares a passion for innovation, the rigor of intellectual inquiry and excellence, and the vibrancy of a global community.

The innovative Yale-NUS common curriculum provides students with a foundation for 14 majors spanning the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences; a double degree in Law (NUS); concurrent graduate degrees with Yale School of the Environment, Yale School of Public Health, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (NUS), or NUS School of Computing; pathway admission to Duke-NUS Medical School; and eligibility for the Yale School of Management’s Silver Scholars program. Upon graduation, Yale-NUS students join the ranks of the Yale Alumni Association as international affiliates.

The exchange of people and ideas between Singapore and New Haven continues to deepen as faculty and students travel between the campuses. Yale-NUS students have a year-round presence at Yale through study abroad, summer courses, internships, and research experiences. And Yale students routinely participate in semester abroad or off-campus study opportunities through Yale-NUS.

Yale faculty spend time in-residence at Yale-NUS during the academic year. Visitors experience the Yale-NUS community in a variety of ways from full-semester or year-long residency to week-long short courses to faculty search committee participation or guest lectures. The two institutions are also working to increase shared teaching and learning opportunities through course collaboration, the “Learning Across Boundaries” program, internships, research collaborations, and joint conferences.

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Yale-NUS College, New Haven Office

Yale-NUS College, New Haven Office
Yale University and Yale-NUS College maintain an office in New Haven to facilitate on-going programming and continued institutional collaboration.

Yale-NUS College, New Haven Office
282 York Street, 2nd Fl
New Haven, CT 06511

Philip S. Gorski, Faculty Director
Angela Kuhne, Associate Director