At CEO Summit, Zelensky calls for investment in Ukraine


At Yale SOM’s gathering of business and government leaders on June 8, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine made a live remote appearance calling for unity in support of his country’s efforts to repel Russia and asking business and government leaders to both isolate Russia and invest in Ukraine’s recovery.

During the CEO Summit event, Zelensky said, “This is our common war. The companies that are represented in the Russian market should leave. The most important thing is, do not pay taxes to the Russian financial system, because this money is used to fund this Russian war machine that is killing Ukrainians. As the president of Ukraine, I’d like your companies to consider not only the option of leaving Russia but also finding their place in the Ukrainian economy.”

Zelensky appeared at the invitation of Yale professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, the founder of the Chief Executive Leadership Institute and the creator and host of the CEO Summit.


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