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  • Yale and China: A Centuries-old Partnership

    Yale enjoys the distinction of having the longest—and arguably, deepest—relationship with China of any university in the United States. Learn how it all began.

  • Engaging with Africa

    The Yale Africa Initiative is sharpening the university’s focus on the continent through scholarship, admissions, and partnerships.

  • Improving Health Globally

    Conducting research and programs around the world, Yale faculty lead a number of evidence-based problem solving efforts such as the Global Health Leadership Institute.

  • Making International Affairs Central to Study

    The MacMillan Center is Yale’s principal center for teaching and research on international affairs, societies and cultures around the world.

  • Yale in the World

    On-campus engagement is coupled by international experiences available to all students, and the University supports faculty research and collaborations with institutions around the world.


North America & the Caribbean Latin America Europe Europe Africa Middle East South & Central Asia East Asia Southeast Asia Australia & Oceania
Students from Region 133
Scholars from Region 52
Alumni in Region 414
Student Int'l Experiences 95
Faculty Research Projects 150+
Students from Region 52
Scholars from Region 36
Alumni in Region 448
Student Int'l Experiences 5
Faculty Research Projects 77+
Students from Region 841
Scholars from Region 864
Alumni in Region 2,509
Student Int'l Experiences 206
Faculty Research Projects 248+
Students from Region 577
Scholars from Region 800
Alumni in Region 3,897
Student Int'l Experiences 649
Faculty Research Projects 540+
Students from Region 193
Scholars from Region 136
Alumni in Region 809
Student Int'l Experiences 158
Faculty Research Projects 165+
Students from Region 127
Scholars from Region 127
Alumni in Region 565
Student Int'l Experiences 53
Faculty Research Projects 127+
Students from Region 9,836
Scholars from Region 3,857
Alumni in Region 137,850
Student Int'l Experiences 10
Faculty Research Projects 159+
Students from Region 231
Scholars from Region 215
Alumni in Region 455
Student Int'l Experiences 38
Faculty Research Projects 110+
Students from Region 149
Scholars from Region 36
Alumni in Region 698
Student Int'l Experiences 36
Faculty Research Projects 97+

International Toolkit

From travel tips to general and country-specific resources, the Toolkit is a guide for Yale faculty, staff, and students who work, travel or study abroad.


Faculty Research & Activities

Faculty members from all of Yale’s Schools are involved in research projects and collaborations in every part of the world. To learn more, explore the database.


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