Scholars at Risk

About Yale’s Scholars at Risk program

Yale regularly welcomes a limited number of scholars at risk, defined as “a scholar holding an advanced degree, or an activist, writer, or artist, who faces persecution because of their work or for some other reason.” Yale provides a temporary professional appointment and a welcoming home community to these individuals and their dependents while helping them explore future opportunities. At-risk artists, scholars, and practitioners may be fleeing directly from unsafe conditions or may have been previously displaced and are still searching for a permanent home.

Yale considers nominated scholars based on various factors and gives priority to at-risk scholars whose professional skills align with the interests of our community. Typically, the primary host department contributes to the visiting scholar’s financial support and assumes the lead in the scholar’s professional and personal guidance. Scholars are usually appointed to one-year visiting positions, although a one-year extension may be considered in some cases.

Nominations will be treated in confidence, bearing in mind the risks the scholar, artist, or practitioner is currently facing or may expect to face in the future.

Participating in the Scholars at Risk program

If you are a Yale faculty member or represent a Yale office and are interested in hosting an at-risk scholar or practitioner, please contact Nathan Camp in Office of International Affairs by email.

At-risk scholars seeking placement at higher education institutions in the United States are strongly encouraged to contact the Scholars At Risk Network and the Institute for International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund to maximize their opportunities for successful placement. 

Hosting an at-risk scholar

Welcoming and hosting at-risk scholars at Yale is a collective process that requires the efforts of many individuals and offices across campus. Yale strives to coordinate and maximize these efforts; prior to arrival, each scholar will be assigned a professional mentor and an administrative coordinator. These individuals work prior to and throughout the scholar’s tenure, often in concert with others on campus.

Services and opportunities for at-risk scholars, artists, or practitioners coming to Yale will vary from person to person and may include:


Yale is committed to welcoming Scholars at Risk to the university for many years to come. Donor support for endowed funds to support the program are also welcome. To learn more about how you can contribute your support, please visit the Yale Campaign’s For Humanity website.