Alumni & Affiliates

More than 15,000 Yale graduates and affiliates live outside the United States in over 175 countries.

Staying Connected Beyond Campus

Yale’s alumni and affiliate network is made up of people who have received a degree from Yale or who have been visiting scholars, postdoctoral fellows on campus, or participants in one of Yale’s distinguished programs like the Yale World Fellows program or the Senior Leadership Program. Together, they remain part of the Yale community even after leaving campus.

Yale Alumni Association

The YAA provides a channel for communication between the alumni and the University, oversees the direction of alumni organizations and programs, provides the means for examination of University policies and maintains the stature of Yale University.

Yale Day of Service

The global Yale Day of Service is an opportunity for Yale alumni to lead — and to give back — by sharing their time and talents to make a difference. Events have spanned New Haven to New Orleans and Anchorage to Zurich, featuring more than 3,500 members of the Yale community representing approximately 20 countries and more than 250 service sites each year.

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Yale Clubs

More than 120 U.S.-based and 40 international Yale Clubs and Associations — across six continents — help alumni connect “for the greater good.” These regional groups of Yale alumni, students, parents, and friends are run by volunteers and reflect Yale’s core values of education, community, and service.

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Be an international Yale ambassador!

Just because you are living outside the United States, far from New Haven, doesn’t mean you can’t be an active member of the global Yale family. Here are some things you can do, with suggested ways to do each:

Join your local regional Yale community

There are nearly 50 international Yale Clubs, the volunteer-led nonprofit groups that bring together alumni, students, parents and friends in a specific country or region. They’re free to join. To locate yours, visit the Find Groups page on the YAA (Yale Alumni Association) website. Or join the Yale International Alliance, a shared-interest group that connects alumni through on-line events and networking.

Participate in Yale events wherever you are

Subscribe to the Yale Alumni Update, the Yale Alumni Association’s free weekly compendium of virtual and in-person events coming up all over the world.

Stay up to date with news from Yale 

Explore this website (Yale and the World) to learn more about the university’s latest international activities. Subscribe to Yale’s international newsletters which provide details of Yale’s educational and research activities around the world.

Network with other Yale alumni in your region

Register to join the Yale Alumni Online Community, a free service of the YAA that lets you search for (and communicate with) fellow alumni in your area.

Mentor a Yale student or younger alum interested in your area, or be mentored by an older alum yourself

Sign up for Cross Campus, Yale’s popular free online networking, community-building and mentoring program.

Join an international educational tour designed for Yale alumni

Visit the website of the Yale Alumni Academy and peruse the many enriching travel programs offered, most of them guided by experienced Yale faculty members.

Host or advise Yale students and alumni visiting your area

If you have the gift of hospitality, or enjoy showing visitors around, let your local Yale Club know you’re willing to help. Or if there’s no club in your area, get in touch with the Yale Alumni Association directly. If you are interested in meeting with current Yale faculty or staff visiting your area, contact the Office of International Affairs to let them know you would be interested in connecting or becoming a Yale Global Emissary.

Visit Yale’s offices handling international affairs next time you’re in New Haven

Make an appointment to stop by the Office of International Affairs (393 Prospect Street) or the Yale Alumni Association (232 York Street) to say hello whenever you’re planning to be back on campus.