East Asia

Explore Yale’s impact, activity, and reach across East Asia.

Yale has longstanding ties with universities & partners in East Asia

Our longstanding connections with East Asian nations have deep historical origins: 1835 with China, 1853 with Japan, and 1914 with Korea. At Yale, we are committed to cultivate a nuanced understanding of East Asia and to further develop our ongoing relationship with the region. 

Director for Asia

Jieun Pyun

Director for China

Carol Li Rafferty

Yale and Korea Collaborations

The study of Korea has emerged as one of the fastest-growing disciplines at Yale. As Korea continues to grow its presence and role on the global stage, Yale is determined to continue deepening and strengthening this relationship.

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Yale and Japan Collaborations

Yale’s connections to Japan date back to the early history of the relationship between Japan and the United States. This relationship between Yale and Japan has exemplified the spirit of cooperation.

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Yale and China Collaborations

Yale has the longest association with China of any western university. We invite you to learn more about our programs partnerships, and collaborations in China.