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Paul Tsai China Center at Yale Law

During the 2020 Spring semester, the Center has engaged in a range of efforts addressing issues at the intersection of COVID-19 and U.S.-China relations.
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Yale and China

Yale enjoys the distinction of having the longest and deepest relationship with China of any university in the United States.

Yale Center Beijing

A convening space and intellectual hub that advances Yale’s mission to improve the world, and develop leaders worldwide who serve all society.

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The Richard U. Light Fellowship

The Richard U. Light Fellowship Program supports Yale undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students pursuing intensive language study in East Asia for terms ranging from a single summer to a combined summer plus academic year.

Japan at the Crossroads: Yale Project on Japan's Politics and Diplomacy

The Japan at the Crossroads reinforces Yale MacMillan Center’s role as a hub of interdisciplinary research and teaching on contemporary issues of global, institutional, and human import. The project deepens and broadens the understanding of Japan and its global challenges among Yale students, scholars, faculty, and others.