Yale and South Asia

Yale and South Asia

South Asia

Yale in South Asia

At Yale, we aim to nurture a comprehensive understanding of South Asia that spans disciplines, regions, languages, and time periods. Our work is underpinned by a remarkable and growing range of expertise, with 48 faculty members teaching and researching the region’s economic, cultural, and political trajectories—among the broadest at any American university.

Yale is also home to distinguished specialists in the study of classical South Asia, from religions and philosophies to literature, music, and art. The undergraduate program in South Asian Studies provides students with a holistic understanding of the region’s history as well as current sociopolitical discourses.

Through innovative lectureships, conferences, seminars, fellowships and cultural events, the South Asian Studies Council emphasizes an interdisciplinary and transregional intellectual exchange, while also providing a platform to contextualize and propose innovative solutions to environmental, medical, and developmental challenges.

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Inclusion Economics

A policy-engaged research initiative promoting inclusive institutions, economies, and societies, Inclusion Economics spans Inclusion Economics at Yale University – a collaboration between the Economic Growth Center and the MacMillan Center – Inclusion Economics India Centre at IFMR/Krea University, and Inclusion Economics Nepal at Governance Lab.


TheYale Research Initiative on Innovation and Scale (Y-RISE) advances research on theeffects of policy interventions when delivered at scale. While evaluation techniques forpilot-scale programs are well developed, complexities arise when we contemplate scalingup interventions to create policy change.

South Asian Studies Council

The South Asian Studies Council promotes a comprehensive understanding of historical and contemporary South Asia through innovative lectures, conferences, seminars, fellowships and cultural events. 

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