Yale and South Asia

Yale and South Asia

A Y-RISE research site in Bangladesh, for a study focused on sanitation subsidies


Yale’s Engagement in South Asia

As the pace of globalization and innovation has accelerated, the need for more robust global engagement, new partnerships, and leadership to address collective global challenges has become increasingly urgent. South Asia continues to be an important area of engagement for Yale because of the region’s size – both population and economy – its growth potential, and our historic and more recent ties to the area.

Yale’s global strategy articulates the following high-level aspirations:

  • Be the university that best prepares students for global citizenship and leadership
  • Be a worldwide research leader on matters of global import
  • Be the university with the most effective global networks

To achieve these goals and broader aspirations in South Asia, the university is developing coordinated strategies and tactics that build on the strengths of faculty at Yale to engage with the educational landscape emerging in the region. The increased use of video conferencing, the hiring of several new senior faculty who work in this region, the recent affiliation of the Inclusion Economics at Yale initiative, and the launch of the Yale Research Initiative on Innovation and Scale (Y-RISE), combine to present us with new opportunities to amplify Yale’s South Asia network and its impact.

Read the full strategy document here

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South Asian Studies Council

The South Asian Studies Council promotes a comprehensive understanding of historical and contemporary South Asia through innovative lectures, conferences, seminars, fellowships and cultural events.

Yale Faculty Engagement in South Asia

Yale’s Office of International Affairs compiles information on faculty work in South Asia and around the world. Explore these collaborations with our interactive Gloabl Engagement Map. 

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