Yale Global Emissary Program

Yale Global Emissary Program

The Yale Global Emissary program empowers the university’s faculty, staff, and advanced graduate students traveling outside the United States to build relationships on behalf of Yale with individuals and institutions around the world.

Potential Yale Global Emissary program participants may indicate interest in any of the following activities:

  • Meeting with Yale alumni
  • Meeting with partner university officials or faculty
  • Visiting Fulbright, State Department, or non-governmental institutions of interest
  • Giving a guest lecture
  • Visiting with donors


How the program works

  1. Yale employees planning international travel indicate interest to the Office of International Affairs (OIA).
  2. Applicant and OIA staff together determine what activities, if any, are appropriate
  3. OIA staff help establish a visit plan and provide virtual introductions of emissary to international partners
  4. Prior to travel, emissary meets with OIA and/or other Yale staff to receive updates, materials, and items to share
  5. Emissary takes pictures of activities and shares a brief report with OIA
  6. Emissary may be reimbursed by OIA for certain expenses (see Benefits to Emissaries, below)



  • Current Yale faculty or staff employed a minimum of one year; or graduate students with at least 3 full years of campus experience
  • Already planning travel outside the United States
  • Willing and able to spend time and effort: before travel to prepare; during travel to meet; after activities to report back


Benefits to Emissaries

  • A Yale Global Emissary will gain knowledge of Yale’s global activities and strategies
  • Emissaries will make new contacts and have the chance to represent the university beyond their customary role
  • An Emissary may receive a formal ‘letter of appointment’ and letters of introduction as needed
  • An Emissary may receive reimbursement for certain ground expenses, including meals and up to 2 nights of hotel as needed. Note: Reimbursement is strictly limited; under no circumstances will the program pay for airfare, extended accommodation, or other expenses not directly related to service as emissary


Benefits to Yale University

  • Each Emissary will help Yale offices establish and maintain global relationships
  • Each Emissary will represent Yale’s current global strategies and activities to partners
  • The university will benefit from the increased visibility
  • OIA and other university offices will receive valuable feedback from emissaries through their activity reports