Yale students and faculty active across the globe and on campus this summer

Yale Men's Basketball Team in Greece for Summer 2023
09/12/23 Michael Min

School may not have been in session, but Yale students, faculty, and affiliates were active across the globe and on campus this summer. From the men’s basketball team traveling to Greece, to international students coming to Yale for the summer, here’s a round-up of international activity:

  • The Yale Men’s basketball team visited Greece in early August for three exhibition games, one against the Thessaloniki All-Stars and two against the University of Calgary. Read more here >>

  • A program on bioethics hosted by Yale’s Institute for Social and Policy Studies took place over the summer with a class representing students from more than 20 countries, including Afghanistan, Singapore, India, and Brazil. Read more here >>

  • The Yale Law School conducted two programs with activities in Latin America this summer, the Seminario en Latinoamérica de Teoría Constitucional y Política, colloquially known as SELA, and the Latin American Linkage exchange program, or Linkages. Read more here >>

  • The Yale Young African Scholars program also welcomed secondary students from across Africa to in-person and online sessions this summer. The program took place in Zimbabwe from August 11-18, with additional online sessions from July 30 to August 5. Read more here >>

  • And as summer turns to fall, new teaching assistants arrived at Yale from across the world through the Fulbright Program for less commonly taught languages at universities and colleges, including Kiswahili, Vietnamese, and Zulu. Read more here >>

The MacMillan Center's newest cohort of Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants

Fulbright Program participants

Yale Men's Basketball Team in Greece 2023

Yale men’s basketball team’s visit to Greece


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