Famous chef celebrates “New African Cuisine”

Purveyor of ‘Nomadic Dining,’ Chef Selassie Atadika presents to members of the Yale community at an event presented by Yale Hospitality at Yale on York this past Thursday. During the event, Atadika, renowned for her ability to inspire a more communal dining experience, shared details of her personal career ranging from her engagement in humanitarian work for various United Nations peacekeeping missions to ultimately becoming a culinary tastemaker and pioneer of unique African cuisine. Atadika began her innovative approach in the culinary arts in 2014 when she opened Midunu, a nomadic and private dining enterprise in Accra, Ghana that embodies “New African Cuisine.” As a chef, Atadika celebrates Africa’s cultural and culinary heritage with the goal being to create experiences where culture, community, and cuisine intersect. In cooking she employs local, seasonal, and underutilized ingredients including traditional grains and proteins.