Yale Young African Scholars concludes 2022 program sessions


The Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) program was held virtually in late-July 2022 with 326 students from more than 35 countries participating in seven days of online programming. Upon the conclusion of the program, each student earned a Certificate of Completion and was inducted into the YYAS alumni network.

YYAS is a high-intensity academic enrichment and leadership program that brings together outstanding secondary school students from across Africa. Students are exposed to the rigorous university admission and financial aid processes, attend college-style seminars led by university graduate and undergraduate students, and build a network of peers from across the continent.

YYAS instructors are mostly undergraduate or graduate students from top universities in the United States, including Yale College, Brown University, and Columbia University. This year, the application was extended to early-career professionals to increase university diversity and the overall participant experience.

The instructors’ commitment to YYAS began in mid-January with the launch of regular training and planning sessions over the spring semester. Their primary role was to contribute to curriculum development by creating unique seminars and delivering them during the live YYAS program. Each instructor taught two 90-minute seminars during the week. At the completion of YYAS, instructors have the option to serve as mentors where they advise and guide alumni through the university admission process over a four-month period.

YYAS once again teamed up with telecommunications companies in various African countries to provide internet data support to students in need.


To learn more visit the YYAS website or follow YYAS on FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn. Any questions can be directed to african.scholars@yale.edu.