Yale and Korea

Explore Yale’s impact, activity, and reach across Korea.

Yale’s collaborations with Korea

The study of Korea has emerged as one of the fastest-growing disciplines at Yale. As Korea continues to grow its presence and role on the global stage, Yale is determined to continue deepening and strengthening this relationship.

Director for Asia

Jieun Pyun

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Korea is featured in ‘Focus on East Asia’ newsletter

In a recent edition of our quarterly newsletter focused on the region, Yale’s global activities in Korea were highlighted.

Council on East Asian Studies at Yale’s MacMillan Center

CEAS is Yale’s interdisciplinary hub for the study of all aspects of East Asia and its constituent peoples, cultures, and societies.

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Cultural heritage collections

Yale has a vast collection of over 20,000 volumes of Korean literary works covering a variety of subjects in the humanities and social sciences, with emphasis on history, archaeology, art history, literature and Buddhism dating back to the mid-19th century.

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