Yale SOM group releases 2022 list of top African startups

Yale African Startup Review (YASR), a digital publication created by students and alumni of the Yale School of Management, selected 30 companies for its 2022 list of Africa’s most innovative startups. Publication of the list is intended to draw attention to the African startup ecosystem and attract interested stakeholders and venture capitalists across the globe.

The Yale Africa Startup Review aims to create a new way of looking at African entrepreneurship and innovation. YASR relies on nominations from startup hubs, labs and venture capital firms across the continent as a way of finding companies to review. In this way, YASR is able to focus on grassroot businesses from a diverse set of locations, allowing the team to shed light on companies that may not receive as much attention as larger businesses. The group hopes that, by bringing attention to these startups, they will help African innovators attract interest from stakeholders and investors. 


Learn more about the Yale African Startup Review on the Yale and the World website