Yale School of Public Health Alumni Addressing Health Care Inequities

Kaakpema “KP” Yelpaala, M.P.H. ’06, and his partner, Sara (Shamos) Yelpaala, M.P.H. ’07, co-founders of InOn Health, an innovative digital health communications company launched in the US in 2018, are using targeted SMS text messaging and other digital communications to deliver important health information to underserved communities in the United States including communities of color and people living in remote and rural areas.

The health communication needs of InOn Health clients expanded seemingly overnight as the pandemic highlighted long-standing health disparities. InOn Health partnered with leading organizations across the country to deliver critical information.

Kaakpema “KP” Yelpaala and Sara (Shamos) Yelpaala have a long history of working in the healthcare sector. After 10 years of improving health care access for hundreds of thousands of people in South Africa and 12 other African countries under the brand access.mobile International, the Yelpaalas brought their data-driven strategies to the U.S. under a new company and brand, InOn Health. Their focus remains the same: increase people’s engagement with health care, improve health outcomes and reduce inequities.


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