Yale-NUS Introduces New Residential Curriculum

Yale-NUS recently introduced their new Residential Curriculum which will teach students important life skills as part of their living and learning community. The Curriculum includes three main areas: Community Living and Engagement, Intercultural Engagement, and Wellness. Dr. Dave Stanfield, the Dean of Students at Yale-NUS, explained that “The Yale-NUS Residential Curriculum is an intentionally curated sequence of programmes, discussions, and activities that help students build life skills and broaden their perspectives during their four years of campus living.” The topics covered in the Residential Curriculum were carefully crafted to satisfy the student’s learning objectives, and they encompass everything from financial wellness to social justice.

Professor Joanne Roberts, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs at Yale-NUS, explained the important role of the Residential Curriculum in shaping how students understand the world: “At Yale-NUS, a diversity of experiences, perspectives, and disciplines come together to inform the way we approach learning. Besides academic learning, which is built upon our Common Curriculum, which introduces our students to foundational concepts and modes of inquiry across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, our Residential Curriculum also provides an immersive living and learning experience for our community members who come from over 70 countries. The Residential Curriculum is one of the ways we explicitly structure and scaffold learning within our community, creating intentional conversations and activities, to make the most out of residential and student life. These two pillars of learning are complemented by a rich set of co-curricular and extra-curricular learning opportunities, such as internships and community engagement, which move our students beyond the classroom and enable them to synthesize the diversity of experiences to understand their place in Singapore, ASEAN, and the world.”

Learn more about Yale-NUS’s unique Residential Curriculum here or watch the video about their new curriculum below.