Venture Development Program prepares Yale students to initiate sustainable health solutions

The Yale Institute for Global Health’s Sustainable Health Initiative (SHI) Venture Development Program is designed to cultivate innovation in global health among students. Launching with an initial cohort of six teams in the fall of 2023, the program aims to create a collaborative space specifically for those engaged in global health challenges. It operates in partnership with the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY), enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration and offering students a platform to engage in global health entrepreneurship. The program exemplifies a synergistic approach, integrating diverse resources and networks across the Yale campus to foster a rich environment for developing sustainable health solutions.

The SHI Venture Development Program stands out for its commitment to nurturing a diverse range of global health innovations, from AI platforms aiding the elderly to novel devices for personalized medicine and athletic performance enhancement. Each participating team, guided by SHI fellows and leveraging resources from the broader Tsai CITY network, is given the opportunity to develop and refine their concepts, with some advancing to stages where they seek seed funding and recognition beyond Yale. The program not only supports the emergence of innovative ideas but also serves as a learning platform, teaching participants about the intricacies of venture development and enabling them to identify and solve pertinent global health issues effectively.

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