The 2023 Kuznets Conference addresses gender equality

In early March, the Yale Economic Growth Center hosted the 32nd Annual Kuznets Memorial Lecture at Yale with live simulcast online. Hosted annually since 1987, the Simon Kuznets Memorial Lecture features a prominent economist speaking on issues in economic development. This year’s speaker was Eliana La Ferrara of Harvard University who delivered a lecture titled, “Changing Harmful Norms.”  

As with every Kuznets lecture since 2020, the talk was followed by a mini-conference showcasing cutting-edge research by early-career researchers on topics covered in the lecture. This year’s mini-conference focused on the overlap between gender and economics with the title, “Norms, Gender, and Development.”  

Covering labor markets, social norms, and education, the mini-conference focused attention on data and strategies used on the African continent to address gender and economic concerns. The research included a study on Mozambican school interventions to prevent gender-based violence and a study on the impact of childcare on household income in Uganda. The findings presented at the conference provide insight into strategies that can spread across the continent.  

View the video recording of this event by clicking below:


To read more about the mini-conference, visit the Economic Growth Center website.