Symposium on the Reconstruction of Ukraine is announced

‘The Reconstruction of Ukraine: Ruination / Representation / Solidarity’ symposium took place online in early September 2022. In announcing the event, the organizers noted that the process of reconstruction “should be led by Ukrainian actors and Ukrainian institutions; and it should be informed by a deep knowledge and experiential grounding in Ukrainian culture, society and heritage. Although reconstruction must be a Ukrainian-led project, it ought also to be undergirded by non-invasive but far-reaching and sustainable international support in terms of funding, expertise and shared knowledge.” 

The following dates and themes for the symposium were announced:

The symposium aims to devote particular attention to cities, architecture, art, culture and psychological trauma – but the scope of the conversations it aims to start is broader. In due course, the discussions held during the symposium may coalesce into myriad projects, initiatives and experiments undertaken by government institutions, municipalities, educational and cultural bodies and other more interstitial actors. The ambition of this symposium is to establish a platform for dialogue, facilitating communication, collaboration and constructive argument between diverse actors and initiatives.

These events are being organized by Sofia Dyak (Director of the Lviv Centre for Urban History of Architecture in Lviv, Ukraine), Marta Kuzma (Professor of Art at the Yale School of Art), and Michal Murawski (Assistant Professor of Critical Studies at UCL in London), with institutional cooperation from: Center for Urban History, Lviv; Center for Urban Studies, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture; Re-Start Ukraine; University College London; Urban Forms Center, Kharkiv; Yale University, New Haven; and Visual Culture Research Center, Kyiv.


To learn more about the symposium, visit the symposium’s website

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