Planning advances for Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs


As planning for the launch of the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs continues to take shape, the university’s Office of the Provost has constituted the Jackson Institute Transitional Board. This board, chaired by Pericles Lewis, provides faculty governance for the Jackson Institute as it makes the transition to school status. The most important role of the board will be to appoint a permanent tenured faculty for the Jackson School, which Yale hopes to open in the fall of 2022.

Additional members of the board include: Michelle Bell, Steve Berry, Judy Chevalier, Alan Gerber, Penny Goldberg, Samuel Kortum, James Levinsohn, Rohini Pande, Catherine Panter-Brick, Ben Polak , Frances McCall Rosenbluth, Ian Shapiro, Timothy Snyder, Aleh Tsyvinski, Arne Westad, Steve Wilkinson, and John Witt.

As planning continues, faculty recruitment has a been an ongoing focus. Recent faculty news includes the following:

Professor Westad

Arne Westad, the Elihu Professor of History, is a scholar of modern international and global history, with a specialization in the history of eastern Asia since the 18th century. 

His current research is focused on histories of empire and imperialism, first and foremost in Asia but also world-wide, and investigating how China’s late twentieth century economic reforms came into being and how their outcomes changed the global economy.

At Yale, Westad teaches in the History Department and at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, and is an adviser at Davenport College. He is a fellow of the British Academy and of several other national academies, a visiting professor at Peking University, and a research associate of the Harvard Fairbank Center.  

To learn more, read a recent Q&A with Arne Westad:

For further information on the transition, visit the Jackson Institute website.