New program forges international connections: Meet the first Yale Global Emissary

Yale University’s Office of International Affairs (OIA) has introduced a new initiative known as the Yale Global Emissary Program. This program aims to facilitate connections between Yale faculty, staff, and advanced graduate students planning international trips and Yale’s global network. 

The primary objective of the Yale Global Emissary Program is to advance the university’s global mission by emphasizing personal connections and strengthening Yale’s worldwide network. According to Nathan Camp, OIA’s associate director for partnership development, “The program offers participants the opportunity to be matched with Yale alumni, partner universities, government agencies, or international donors to enhance their networks while advancing Yale’s global efforts.”

The Global Emissary program provides a valuable opportunity for those seeking to help represent the university and engage with international networks and communities. Prior to their travel, emissaries meet with OIA staff and are provided with essential background information and materials for their activities. While the program does not cover travel costs, some ground expenses may be reimbursed in certain cases.

Meet the First Global Emissary

The inaugural participant in the Yale Global Emissary Program is Nari Shelekpayev, an assistant professor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. Shelekpayev was selected for this role in conjunction with his existing plans to attend a global conference in Indonesia.

During his visit to Indonesia, Shelekpayev made the most of his extensive experience in global travel. He took the opportunity to immerse himself in the culture and academic communities of Jakarta and Surabaya, engaging with various university representatives, government officials, and community organizations. 

One of the highlights of his visit was his interaction with international offices, faculty members, and students at Universitas Indonesia. He also met with governmental and non-governmental organizations focused on international exchange, contributing to Yale’s connections and presence in Indonesia.

“The role of Emissary provided me with added opportunities to engage with academics and officials, both from Indonesia and the US, who are actively involved in the strategic development of leading Indonesian universities and its educational system as a whole,” Shelekpayev said. “As a Global Emissary representing Yale, my responsibilities included presenting the university to my Indonesian counterparts, while simultaneously gaining insights into their projects, visions for international cooperation, and a deeper understanding of the needs and wants of Indonesian research and higher education.”

Shelekpayev also reflected on the benefits of the program. “The role of Global Emissary added a layer of access and depth to my agenda. The program’s format not only facilitates an exchange of ideas but also encourages a more profound understanding of the academic landscape and institutional dynamics in a different country.”

Shelekpayev is pictured above, third from left, during his visit to the Universitas Airlangga international office. He also met with a diverse range of organizations, contributing to Yale’s connections and presence in Indonesia.

OIA encourages faculty, staff, and advanced graduate students with international travel plans to explore the Yale Global Emissary Program webpage to learn more about this unique opportunity and register their interest in participating. With the Yale Global Emissary program, OIA is eager to empower participants to help enrich Yale’s global engagement and partnerships in alignment with the university’s Global Strategy.