Map charts Yale’s international alumni, research, and education programs 1

Visitors to the Yale and the World website can quickly get a sense of the scope of Yale’s international involvement and the variety of projects, initiatives, and experiences undertaken by students, faculty, and alumni by clicking on the Global Engagements Map, a visual representation of Yale’s connections around the world.

The map contains clusters of colored pins, with each color denoting a different kind of engagement and each pin placed at the site of that engagement.

The purple pins are for faculty research. For instance, if you click on a pin in northern Algeria, you land in the city of Algiers, where Alice Kaplan, the John M Musser Professor of French, is conducting research on Albert Camus’ “The Stranger.”

The dark blue pins reveal the 46 different locations of Yale Alumni clubs.

Light blue pins indicate “Major Sites,” such as the Paul Mellon Centre in London, the Yale Center Beijing, and Yale-NUS College.

Green pins reveal Yale’s rich network of global partners, from INCAE Business School in Nicaragua to the University of Indonesia.

Red pins mark educational engagements, including study abroad programs for Yale students, international fellowships, and exchange programs. (The Fox Fellowship, a graduate student exchange program between Yale and world-renowned academic partners, is represented by 20 red pins.)

Finally, “Capacity Building’ projects appear as orange pins, largely clustered in eastern Africa and central America. These include programs like diagnostic radiology training in Tanzania and an environmental leadership and training initiative in Panama.

If you have a project that you would like to see featured on the map, send an email to For ongoing information about Yale’s international engagements and activity please follow us on Facebook:, Twitter: @Yale_OIA, and Instagram: @yale_oia.