Looking ‘Through the Eyes of She’ to focus on gender equality and equity in Africa

On Feb 24th, Through the Eyes of She was celebrated at a launch event at Yale. Founded by Christine Ngaruiya (pictured at right), assistant professor in Yale’s Department of Emergency Medicine and the Director of Global Health Research and organized by the Council on African Studies, the program addresses gender equality and equity in Africa. Participants hailed from across the globe, attending both in-person and virtually. Female professionals from countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, and Zimbabwe tuned in to this Yale event.  

Stephanie Busari, Senior Editor for Africa at CNN and a member of the 2020 cohort of Yale’s World Fellows Program (pictured at right), offered the keynote address. She discussed her matrilineal history and its impact on her life. African women and culture were further celebrated through a performance from South African artist Thabisa who sang in both English and isiXhosa. 

Janette Yarwood, Director for Africa and the Middle East in Yale’s Office of International Affairs, also offered remarks at the launch event. She said, “Those of us who work across the continent know the importance of advancing gender equality and empowerment for women and girls in Africa. Through The Eyes of She will work toward achieving that goal and for this I congratulate Dr. Christine Ngaruiya and her team for developing this initiative.” 


To learn more about the event, visit the MacMillan Center website.