Leadership Fellows gain firsthand global health experience


The Yale Institute for Global Health (YIGH) Leadership in Global Health Fellowship program is designed to offer training and inspiration to young professionals who have a passion for and understanding of the critical importance of health for a just and equitable society. The program provides Yale students and trainees with an in-depth experience of how complex global health challenges – including emerging pandemic infections, the dramatic rise in non-communicable diseases, and other systemic issues impacting the health of the world’s population – are addressed by major global health organizations around the world. 

Though still a young program, the YIGH fellowship has made an impact on its participants, including Ximena Benavides, YLS ’22; Timothy DeVita, YSM resident; and Jessica Tuan, YSM fellow. Their experiences in the program are profiled on the YIGH websiteThis year’s host organizations included the World Bank; GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance; Save the Children; and UNICEF’s Maternal Newborn Adolescent Health Unit. For the summer of 2022, up to ten new fellowship opportunities will be available including new placements with the UN Development Programme.


To learn more and apply, visit the Leadership in Global Health Fellowship webpage.