Inaugural Global Health Education Innovation Awardees Announced

The Yale School of Medicine’s Office of Global Health Education has announced the inaugural recipients of its Global Health Education Innovation Award. They are Bernardo Lombo, MD, assistant professor of clinical medicine and Frank Minja, MD, associate professor of radiology and biomedical imaging.

The pair were recognized for work that addresses important needs in global health education, which promise to “build and sustain larger institutional program collaborations,” according to Robert Rohrbaugh, MD, associate dean for global health education.

Tablet Echocardiography For Rheumatic Heart Disease Screening in Indonesia

Dr. Lombo, who co-founded the International Team of Educators to Advance Cardiovascular Health, has developed a portable tablet to detect rheumatic heart disease (RHD) in rural Indonesia. RHD is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease in developing countries. The project will provide training in echocardiography and will assist in ensuring appropriate follow-up care for at-risk patients.

VR for IR: Virtual Reality Applications in Global Interventional Radiology

Dr. Minja’s project focuses on interventional radiology (IR), which is minimally invasive and can diagnose many illnesses, such as cancer, infection, and vascular disease. Dr. Minja and his team are using Virtual Reality technology to provide immersive training experiences for residents in Tanzania. They hope the VR teaching library created for the project will be able to address learning needs during the pandemic.


Read more about these projects in the award announcemnt on the Yale School of Medicine website.