High School students from Korean Minjok Leadership Academy visit Yale

In early May, around ninety first-year students from the Korean Minjok Leadership Academy (KMLA) visited Yale’s campus as part of their annual “Vision Trip” which visited a number of universities in the United States. The trip allowed the Korean students to connect with KMLA alumni currently attending those institutions and learn about their academic journeys.

During their visit to Yale, the students toured the campus and spoke with KMLA alumni. Yale professors Jaehong Kim, the Henry P. Becton Sr. Professor of Engineering, and Hwansoo Kim, associate professor of Religious Studies, welcomed the students, presenting lectures to them on STEM studies and Korean Studies at Yale, respectively. 

Jeongjun Yun, an international transfer student who joined the Yale College class of ‘25 in the fall, was one of five KMLA alumni who shared their experiences with the visiting students. Six years ago, Yun partook in a similar trip experience and says he considers it one of the main reasons why he chose to study abroad for college. Now, in his role as alumni ambassador, Yun says “I was honored to speak to the students as I knew how big of an impact the trip could have on them.” He encouraged students who are considering studying abroad to “acknowledge and embrace differences before trying to conform themselves to a new world” and to welcome new insights and perspectives others may be able to share.

For Yun, Yale had been a top choice due to the extensive resources and support it would provide for him as he pursued his academic passions in environmental politics and data science. However, as a transfer applicant, Yun was initially concerned about how well he would adapt to living in another country and integrating into the Yale community. He says of his experience as a transfer student, “Coming to college [in the United States] was a challenge but Yale’s unique residential college system and my suitemates helped make Yale feel like home to me.”

Twenty-three percent of Yale’s total student enrollment is made up of international students. Among these 3,312 international students, 150 are from South Korea, making it the fifth largest foreign student group at Yale. 


To learn more about Yale’s international students, visit the Office of International Students and Scholars website