Africa Security Program conference focuses on Africa and China in a new era

A new Yale initiative focused on African security recently hosted a two-day conference, “After Bandung: Africa and China in a New Era,” on April 21-22 in New Haven. 

Part of the International Security Studies research hub at the Jackson School of Global Affairs, the Africa Security Program (ASP) is a forum for scholarly engagement and multidisciplinary research on the strategic role of Africa in global affairs and the sources, dynamics, and consequences of security challenges in Africa.

The aim of the conference was to explore the long arc of the increasingly axial Africa-China relationship, as the two continue to move toward each other in geopolitical, diplomatic, and economic arenas. Discussion topics included aid and economic sovereignty, early Afro-Chinese encounters, technology socio-cultural trends,and self-determination, with presenters from the US, the UK, Canada, China, Ghana, Nigeria, and Mozambique. 

The ASP is directed by Benedito Machava, Assistant Professor of History at Yale, with the active participation of affiliated faculty and practitioners, including Jackson School Senior Fellows Harry Thomas and Bisa Williams. Yale Postdoctoral Fellow Vivien Chang co-organized the conference with Professor Machava.


Learn more about by visiting the ISS program website.