International Research, Programs and Activities: What does it mean for me?

International Research, Programs and Activities: What does it mean for me?

Yale supports and actively promotes the extension of its mission into the global community through research, programs and activities occurring outside the United States. 

We must follow our established protocols and the new federal guidelines and disclosure processes to ensure the success of all our international research, programs and activities.

Who does this apply to: All Yale individuals engaging in international research, programs and activities, with some exceptions.

Exceptions include any of the following situations:

  1. standard academic travel such as to participate in conferences, attend workshops, meet with colleagues, or visit institutions, archives and galleries;
  2. customary academic collaborations among individuals where no funding (private, public, or institutional) is involved, or
  3. routine research activities of duration less than thirty (30) days, such as use of scientific facilities, and specimen collection.  The thirty (30) day limit applies to the total time abroad in a calendar year, even if spread across many visits. 

If you are not sure whether you are exempt please check with the Office of International Affairs.

In addition, if you are traveling to countries/regions subject to US government restrictions, then different guidelines apply. For travel to Cuba and/or Iran, please contact Don Deyo, Director of Export Control Licensing, at 203-785-3817 for guidance and assistance, and check compliance strategies. You will also need consultation and approval from the Office of Sponsored Projects and the Office of the Senior Vice President and General Counsel.


My project is not exempt – what must I do?