Joseph Manning

  • William K. and Marilyn Milton Simpson Professor of Classics and Professor of History and Senior Research Scholar in Law

Joe Manning is an ancient historian whose main interest is in the social history of the Hellenistic world. His primary focus has been in the fields of economic and legal history. He was educated at the Ohio State University (Medieval architectural history/History) and the University of Chicago, studying Egyptology and Ancient History, taking an AM and a PHD in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.


Research summary

Professor Manning specializes in Hellenistic history with particular focus on the legal and economic history of Ptolemaic Egypt. His interests lie in governance, reforms of the state, legal institutions, formation of markets, and the impact of new economic institutions (coinage, banking) on traditional socio-economic patterns in the ancient world. He is also deeply concerned with Papyrology, the interpretation of ancient sources, and bringing to bear the historical social sciences, particularly Economic Sociology and economic and legal theory, to ancient history.

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