Tecnológico de Monterrey and Yale

Yale’s relationship with the Tecnológico de Monterrey (Tec) began in 2005 with the Tec Summer Program at Yale University, which brought outstanding Mexican college students to study at Yale. This initial collaboration expanded to include Open Yale Courses added to Tec’s Knowledge Hub, joint programming during Yale Week in Mexico, an international internships program in Monterrey, a representative from Tec residing at Yale, educational programs, alumni events, and more.

Today, Yale and Tec continue to maintain a strong relationship through joint programs and projects, several of which are described below:

Yale Visiting International Student Program (VISP)

VISP brings a small cohort of top foreign students from partner institutions to Yale College for a one-year honors program. Tec was a founding member of this program and has participated in VISP since its inception in 2011.

Global Network for Advanced Management

The Global Network for Advanced Management, launched by the Yale School of Management, connects faculty, students, and deans with a select group of peer institutions to produce far-reaching and ongoing interactions around topics pertaining to complex leadership issues in business and society worldwide. EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey was a founding member of this network.

Innovative online case studies have been co-developed by Yale School of Management and Tecnológico de Monterrey. A recent example of this collaboration is the Walmart de Mexico renewable energy case. The two institutions are currently developing a collaborative model for producing and distributing innovative business online case studies. Case studies developed collaboratively are being used in International MBA Case Competitions.

Innovation Course for MBA Executives

Since June 2014, Yale has hosted a semi-annual Innovation and Value Creation course for MBA students from Tecnológico de Monterrey EGADE Business School’s sites in Panamá and Peru. Designed and taught by faculty at the School of Management, it is centered on topics ranging from innovation to negotiation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Summer Internship Programs in Mexico

In collaboration with Tec, Yale, Harvard, and MIT offer an 8-week summer internship program on sustainable development. This program allows Yale College students to work alongside Harvard, MIT, and Mexican students on specific projects in rural communities in southern and central Mexico.

Tec also offers Economic Development and Public Health internships for Yale students in Mexico. In this program, interns assist Sustainable Development centers in the design and implementation of community development projects in municipalities of the states of Puebla and Hidalgo.

Yale Summer Session and Tec Faculty

Yale College has invited a faculty member from Tecnológico de Monterrey to teach each summer since 2010. Leading professors from Tec have taught courses in Political Science, Economics and American Studies. Some of the courses offered in past summer sessions are International Human Rights, The Economics of Corruption,  and Contemporary Visual Culture in the Americas. This year Yale Summer Session and Tec faculty are collaborating to offer an online course titled Causes and Consequences of Corruption.

Open Yale Courses on Tec’s Knowledge Hub

Open Yale courses are incorporated into Tec’s Knowledge Hub, an index of open education resources that members of Tec’s faculty use in their classrooms.

Yale Alumni Service Corps in Mexico

Yale Alumni Service Corps first travelled to Monterrey during the spring of 2009. The group of Yale alumni worked in conjunction with Tec and the Consejo de Desarrollo Social, the social services institute for the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, on a wide array of community-oriented service projects – including setting up and staffing a medical clinic, hosting public health workshops, providing small business consulting, and other outreach. This trip was repeated in 2010 and has led to sustained collaborations including clinical rotation exchanges between the schools of medicine at Tec and at Yale and joint faculty research projects.

Yale Alumni Assembly

The Tec Alumni Association coordinated with the Yale Alumni Association to bring a delegation of Tec Alumni Association presidents to the AYA Assembly in 2012. This weekend program was a fruitful opportunity to share best practices in volunteer program development and explore ways to expand existing collaborations.

For questions about Yale and Tec collaborations, please contact:

Luis Zuniga, Liaison Officer in New Haven for Tecnológico de Monterrey

Phone: (203) 436-8447