• Yale Africa Initiative

    President Peter Salovey announced the Yale Africa Initiative in his inaugural address in October 2013 and signaled that Yale’s engagement with Africa should be an important dimension of Yale’s missions of research, teaching, and service.

  • African Women Leaders

    In conjunction with the Women for Africa Foundation and with the support of Banco Santander, Yale hosted a seminar on strategic impact in leadership, governance, and globalization for ten African women leaders at the highest level of five African countries.

  • Engaging Young Leaders

    Sterling Professor of Political Science Ian Shapiro lectured at the inaugural Yale Young African Scholars summer program for students attending secondary school on the continent and modeled after the Yale Young Global Scholars Program.

  • Addressing Global Health

    Through the Global Health Leadership Institute, policymakers, practitioners and researchers from countries including Ghana, Rwanda, and South Africa gather at Yale to develop actionable work plans to address critical global health issues.

  • The Art of Africa

    Come face to face with ritual figures and masks that command attention and inspire awe in the African Collection at the Yale University Art Gallery, which is free and open to the public year round.

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