Yale Helps Young Global Leaders Make Strategic Impact

Friday, October 18, 2013

Young Global Leaders, hailing from diverse fields across the world, such as business, government, civil society, arts & culture, academia, media, and non-profits, convened at Yale to focus on how individual contributions can be brought together to magnify the positive impact a group can have as a community. Hosted by The Forum of Young Global Leaders, World Economic Forum, and the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale, from October 6 to 9 at the Maurice R. Greenberg Conference Center, this annual four-day program provided a unique opportunity for Young Global Leaders (YGLs) to gain insights on global challenges and trends from eminent faculty at Yale and engage in discussions with fellow participants and the Yale community.

This year’s program, entitled “Foundation for Leadership in the 21st Century: Strategic Impact,” started with master classes and included discussions with Yale students and scholars, on sustainable business models, human & civil rights, venture capital, health care innovation, international development, social entrepreneurship, and citizen engagement.

“You cannot produce leaders if they are not really rooted in the world. I think it’s great for Yale to bring these leaders and their perspectives to its campus,” said Paul Meyer ’98 J.D., founder and CEO of Voxiva and YGL. “Yale has so much to share and offer to [YGLs],” Meyer explained. “This environment teaches you that nothing is impossible. Being here gives you the sense of possibility and empowerment, and also provides you with tools to make things happen. ”

The Forum of Young Global Leaders aims to take individual participants’ contributions to a new level. During the Forum’s annual summit that took place this June, YGLs worked with the local organizations, leaders, and beneficiaries in Myanmar to discuss the country’s development. These trips to local organizations, named “Impact Journeys,” ignited discussions among the YGLs on how to give back to the community and build lasting relationships with the local people. The program at Yale helped YGLs reflect upon their work in Myanmar and plan responses to global challenges at large.

The orientation session was led by James A. Levinsohn, Director of the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, and Aleh Tsyvinski, Arthur M.Okun Professor of Economics who was also named a Young Global Leader in 2009. Lectures were given by Yale faculty members including Robert J. Shiller, Sterling Professor of Economics and Nobel Prize recipient; Jock Reynolds, Henry J. Heinz II Director, Yale University Art Gallery; Dean Karlan, Professor of Economics and President and Founder, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA); as well as Jackson Institute Senior Fellows.

The Forum of Young Global Leaders is an independent not-for-profit foundation, which annually selects 200-300 young leaders under the age of 40 who have demonstrated their commitment to serving society. Young Global Leaders (YGLs) convene at the meetings of the World Economic Forum, YGL summits, leadership development programs, and community-organized gatherings around the world.

By So Yoon Sim