Students from Mexico City Contribute to YaleGlobal Online

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

“Working at YaleGlobal Online has given us the opportunity to apply what we’ve learned [in the classroom] to the real world. We have been challenged to deliver information in a way that is accessible to a wider audience,” said Adrian Trulin, a senior studying International Relations at Tecnológico de Monterrey (Tec) in Mexico City. Trulin is one of six students who were invited to Yale to intern with YaleGlobal Online for four weeks this summer.

Led by Professor Luisa Parraguez of the Global Studies Department at Tec de Monterrey, the students’ objective was to increase the amount and quality of the Latin American and Spanish-language content published on the website. They selected relevant news items dealing with Globalization and Global Governance and developed half-page executive summaries or “decks.” Examples include synopses of a New York Times article on natural gas and a Foreign Policy in Focus piece on trade between China and Latin America.

YaleGlobal Online, a publication of the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale, is a free open site dedicated to exploring the implications of globalization. It draws from the Yale community and beyond, using scholarship from other universities and public- and private- sector experts from around the world. This is the second collaboration between Tec and YaleGlobal – the first research internship was established in 2013.

 “[This year’s students] proved to be as dedicated and resourceful researchers as their predecessors… showing a remarkable level of maturity and understanding of our complex world,” said Nayan Chanda, Director and Editor-in-Chief of YaleGlobal Online. “The excellent decks they wrote stand as testimony to their valuable contributions.”

In addition to their daily tasks with YaleGlobal Online, the six students co-authored an academic essay on the topic of energy security in North America with Dr. Parraguez. They were also given the opportunity to write individual research essays for publication.

Dr. Parraguez feels that the program has strengthened ties between Tec de Monterrey and Yale and hopes it will continue to expand into future projects. She says the experience has been “most rewarding,” and her students agree. “It has been an honor to be here at Yale and writing for YaleGlobal Online for the summer. The hands-on training in journalism has been invaluable,” said senior Maria Heidelberg Arizmendi.

Yale and Tec began collaborating in 2005, with a program that brought outstanding Mexican students to Yale to study for a summer. Since then, it has expanded to include exchange and internship programs, alumni events, and an International Liaison Office for Tec in New Haven directed by David Huerta. To learn about the partnership, please visit Tecnológico de Monterrey and Yale.

- By Isadora Italia