Robert Crabtree

  • Conkey P. Whitehead Professor of Chemistry
International activities
  • Computational modeling
    France (2008-Present)
    Professor Crabtree is involved in a long-term collaboration with colleagues at the University of Montpellier on computational modeling of experimental work done at Yale.

  • Ligands
    Spain (2008-Present)
    Professor Crabtree works with a colleague at the University of Castellon on new structures for ligands useful in catalysis.

    Univ of Castellon, Univ of Castellon

  • Ion Pairs
    Italy (2008-Present)
    Professor Crabtree collaborated with a faculty member at the University of Perugia on structures of ion pairs, newly shown by them to have previously unsuspected consequences for reactivity in catalysis. The project has been completed.

    Univ of Perugia, Univ of Perugia