Pieter van Dokkum

  • Sol Goldman Family Professor of Astronomy and Professor of Physics
  • Professor
International activities
  • Astronomy Collaboration - Yale/Leiden
    Netherlands (2008-Present)
    Professors Franx and van Dokkum have undertaken various joint projects, pooling astronomical resources available to European institutes (e.g., the Very Large Telescope in Chile) with those available to US institutes (e.g., the Gemini Telescope in Chile). Leiden is one of the premier astronomical institutes in Europe (and the world). Van Dokkum is co-supervisor of several Leiden students, who regularly visit Yale. Through a Leiden summer program Leiden undergraduates also visit Yale. There is also traffic in the other direction: all van Dokkum's students and postdocs have visited Leiden at least once, leading to a greatly enriched research experience.

    University of Leiden, University of Leiden

  • Multiwavelength Survey by Yale-Chile (MUSYC)
    Chile, Netherlands (2003-Present)
    MUSYC was started in 2003 to bring together astronomers with similar interests at the University of Chile and at Yale, and to do an ambitious survey of the sky. The collaboration now involves 40 collaborators, from Chile, The Netherlands, Germany, and various US institutions. The Principal Investigators are Professors van Dokkum (Yale) and Gawiser (formerly Yale, now at Rutgers). So far more than 18 refereed papers have been published, and several PhD theses were based on MUSYC data. The survey has also contributed to Yale undergraduate education, by bringing undergraduates to telescopes and giving them first-hand experience with astronomical data.

    University of Chile, University of Chile