P Mark Ashton

  • Morris K. Jesup Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies
International activities
  • Environmental Leadership and Training Initiative (ELTI)
    Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Panama, Peru, Singapore (2011-Present)
    Professor Ashton serves as the Principal Investigator for ELTI, which was created to empower and garner support from key environmental actors in Latin America and Asia to significantly strengthen and advance biodiversity conservation in tropical forest regions. ELTI is a joint program between F&ES and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. The project offers short courses and workshops for policy makers and conservation practitioners in Latin America and South and Southeast Asia, in addition to fostering professional development and offering networking opportunities through its leadership component.

    Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

  • PRORENA - Program in Applied Tropical Forest Ecology
    Ecuador, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru (2008-Present)
    Professor Mark S. Ashton researches the regeneration of natural forests and reforestation of abandoned agricultural lands in Panama, Peru, Sri Lanka, India and Central African. This research occurs in a number of different research sites in these countries and involves training of both Yale students and those from South American and Asian institutions. URL: http://prorena.research.yale.edu//home.htm

    Panamanian Natural Resource Authority, Panamanian Natural Resource Authority

  • Monitoring Global Forest Trends in Tropical Forest Land Use
    Benin, Congo, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria (2008-Present)
    Professor Ashton was involved in a number of research projects in Africa that examine trends in land use change across the Forest-Savanna ecotone particularly in the Central African Republic and surrounding countries. This research occured in a number of different research sites in these countries and involved training of both Yale students and those from African institutions. The project has been completed.

    Univ of Bangui, Univ of Bangui, International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, International Institute for Tropical Agriculture

  • Siviculture and Forest Management
    Germany (2007-Present)
    MOU with the Munich University of Technology.

    Munich University of Technology, Munich University of Technology

  • Land use changes, biomass assesssments, and carbon stock estimates
    Benin, Cameroon, Nigeria, Syria (2007-Present)
    Satellite sensor data from three eras were used to study aboveground carbon, biomass, and land-use/land-cover transformations in the African rainforests and savannas. This was a project of Yale Characterization of Eco Regions in Africa.

    Intl Institute of Tropical Agriculture , Intl Institute of Tropical Agriculture