John Darnell, PhD

  • Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
  • PhD, University of Chicago, 1995
  • MA, Johns Hopkins University, 1985
  • BA, Johns Hopkins University, 1984
  • “The Eleventh Dynasty Royal Inscription from Deir el-Ballas” Revue d’Égyptologie (2009)
  • “The Girga Road: abu Ziyar, Tundaba, & the Integration of the Southern Oasis into the Pharaonic State” Desert Road Archaeology in the Eastern Sahara
  • “A Pharaonic de profundis from the Western Desert Hinterland of Naqada” Festschrift for Heinz-Josef Thissen (in press 2010)
  • The Inscription of Queen Katimala at Semna: Textual Evidence for the Origins of the Napatan State (2006)
International activities
  • Epigrapher: Director of the Theban Desert Road Survey
    Cairo, Egypt (1992-Present)

    Yale University , Yale University

  • Epigrapher with teh Oriental Institute
    Luxor, Egypt (1990-1991)

    University of Chicago, University of Chicago

  • University of Cologne
    Cologne, Germany (1985-1986)

    University of Cologne , University of Cologne

Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian