Joel Baden, PhD

  • Professor of Divinity and of Religious Studies
  • PhD, Harvard University, 2007
  • MA, University of Chicago, 2002
  • BA, Yale University, 1999
  • “The Morpho-Syntax of Genesis 12:1-3: Translation and Interpretation.” Catholic Biblical Quarterly
  • “Hithpael and Niphal in Biblical Hebrew: Semantic and Morphological Overlap” Vetus Testamentum (2010)
  • “The Tower of Babel: A Case Study in the Competing Methods of Historical & Modern Literary Criticism,” J of Biblical Lit (2009)
  • The Source Criticism of the Pentateuch: A Handbook (Yale U Press, expected 2011)
  • J, E, and the Redaction of the Pentateuch. Forschungen…(2009)
French, German, Hebrew