Dudley Andrew, PhD

  • R. Seldon Rose Professor of Comparative Literature and Professor of Film Studies
  • Chair of Comparative Literature

Dudley Andrew is the R. Selden Rose Professor of Film and Comparative Literature at Yale and the current chair of Comp Lit. Before moving to Yale in 2000, he taught for thirty years at the Univ. of Iowa directing the dissertations of many illustrious film scholars. He began his career with three books commenting on film theory, including the biography of André Bazin, whose thought he continues to explore in the recent What Cinema Is! and the edited volume, Opening Bazin. His interest in aesthetics and hermeneutics led to Film in the Aura of Art, 1984, and his fascination with French film and culture resulted in Mists of Regret (1995) and Popular Front Paris (2005). He is currently completing Encountering World Cinema. His teaching and research take up 1) questions of World Cinema/literature, such as translation and adaptation, 2) issues in 20th century French intellectual life, especially theories of the image, and 3) French cinema and its literary and philosophical relations.

Research summary

World Cinema; Realist French Film; American-French Film Relations; World Cinema

  • PhD, University of Iowa , 1972
  • MFA, Columbia University , 1969
  • BA, University of Notre Dame , 1967
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  • With Carole Cavanaugh. Sanshô Dayû. London: British Film Institute, 2002.
  • Juror
  • Fellow
  • Officer de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, (first named Chevalier in 1997)
  • Distinguished Visiting Fellow
  • NEH Fellowship
  • Guggenheim Fellow
  • Angelo Bertocci Professor of Critical Studies
  • Director of the Institue for Cinema and Culture
    University of Iowa
    (1987 - 2000)