Doruk Ozgediz, MD, MSc, FACS, FAAP

  • Assistant Professor of Surgery (Pediatrics) and of Pediatrics

Doruk Ozgediz, MD, MSc is board certified in general surgery and pediatric surgery and earned his medical degree from the University of California at San Francisco. He also earned his M.Sc. from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in Public Health in Developing Countries. He completed his general surgery training at UCSF and pediatric surgery fellowship in Toronto. Dr. Ozgediz’s research interests include global health, global surgery, health disparities, access to care, burden of surgical disease, partnerships and collaboration, Uganda, capacity-building, and pediatric surgery.

Meet Dr. Doruk Ozgediz

Research interests
Pediatrics; Uganda; Global Health; Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation; Healthcare Disparities
Research summary

I am interested in training and research to develop capacity for surgery in resource-limited settings. While my primary clinical interest in in surgical services for children, I am broadly interested in sustainable collaborations to improve surgery and perioperative care in low-income countries.

Specialized Terms: Global health; Global surgery; Health disparities; Access to care; Burden of surgical disease; Partnerships and collaboration; Uganda; Capacity-building; Pediatric surgery

  • MSc, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 2004
  • MSc, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, 2004
  • MD, University of California at San Francisco, 2000
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Current projects

I am interested in collaborative capacity-building efforts for surgery and perioperative care in resource-poor settings. Specifically, I have been part of efforts to improve surgery and peri-operative care in Uganda over the last ten years, primarily through the group Global Partners in Anesthesia and Surgery ( We have focused on education and training as well as research on the burden of surgical disease, the neglect of the global surgical workforce, epidemiology and access to surgical care in resource-poor countries, and global health disparities, across a wide range of surgical specialties. Specific areas have included trauma training and trauma care, measurement of injury mortality and disparities, and pediatric surgery. I have also been working with international colleagues to advocate for the role of surgery within global health, through individual partnerships, academic and non-governmental organizations, and professional societies. We are especially interested in the public health aspects of surgical conditions in these settings. I also am interested in surgical education, and clinical research.

Capacity Building in Surgery and Perioperative Care in Uganda

Burden of Pediatric Surgical Conditions in Resource-Limited Settings

Metrics for Burden and Access to Surgical Care in Resource Limited Settings

Advocacy for Surgery within Global Health

Effective Global Health Partnerships

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