Bruce Ackerman

  • Sterling Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science
Research summary

Justice; Philosophy, History and Law, Comparative Constitutional Law; Constitution of the Modern Republic.

  • LLB, Yale Law School, 1967
  • BA, Harvard College, 1964
  • Populismus heisst Angst vor dem Volk, in Die Alte und die Neue Welt (Scherer and Arnold eds., 2008); Préparer la gestion de l’urgence : pour une « Emergency Constitution », Archives de Philosophie du droit (2007) ; Meritocracy v. Democracy (on the reform of the House of Lords), 29 London Review of Books 9 (March 8, 2007); Les pouvoirs d’exception a l’age du terrorisme, Esprit 150-164 (August-September 2006); A The Art of Stealth, London Review of Books, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 3-9 (Feb 17, 2005); (translated as La Bataille pour la Cour Supreme, Le Debat No. 143 (January-February 2007) ;
International activities
  • Ashby Lecture
    Cambridge, United Kingdom (2006-2006)

    University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge

  • Malagodi Prize Lecture
    Rome, Italy (2003-2003)

  • Honesty and Trust: Theory and Experience in Light of Post-Socialist Transformation
    Budapest, Hungary (2001-2003)
    Professor Ackerman was in residence at Collegium Budapest in the fall of 2002. Three workshops were held during that time, and the results were published in two edited volumes in 2004. URL:

  • Kyoto Seminar in American Studies

  • Visiting Professor
    Rome, Italy (1984-1984)

    University of Rome, University of Rome

  • Research Scholar
    Vienna, Austria (1982-1982)

    International Institute of Applied Systems, International Institute of Applied Systems

Current projects
  • Commander, Order of Merit of the French Republic
  • Henry Phillips Prize in Jurisprudence (for lifetime achievement)
  • Fellow
  • Fellow
  • Professor of Law and Public Policy Analysis
    University of Pennsylvania
    (1973 - 1974)
  • Professor of Law
    Yale University
    (1974 - 1982)
  • Beekman Professor of Law and Philosophy
    Columbia University
    (1982 - 1987)
  • Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science
    Yale Law School
French, German, Spanish