Amandine Ody-Brasier

  • Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

Professor Ody-Brasier's research lies at the intersection of strategy and organization theory. She explores the role of identity in inter-firm exchange relations, focusing on understanding the processes by which identity affects a variety of organizational outcomes—including the practices an organization may adopt or the prices it charges/receives. Of particular interest to her is the extent to which identity shapes the perceptions of buyers and sellers in vertical exchange relations, including mutual expectations about firm behaviors and attributes. More broadly, she is interested in understanding the social foundations of key market processes, especially the formation of prices. Empirically, she has investigated these questions using a mix of qualitative and quantitative field-based data on the Champagne industry. Some direct practical implications of this work include a better understanding of how organizations create and capture economic value from their exchange relations.

Professor Ody-Brasier teaches a Strategic Management elective at the MBA level.