United Kingdom

Joint programs across the Yale’s graduate and professional schools with institutions in the UK allow for transatlantic education and learning. For example, the Yale School of Medicine has a faculty-led initiative called the Yale UCL Collaborative, a multi-disciplinary research, education and clinical collaboration between Yale University, Yale-New Haven Hospital, University College London (UCL) and UCL Partners. Though it originated in cardiovascular medicine, it has subsequently expanded to other biomedical fields and other disciplines, including engineering, history, philosophy, and law.  Also, the Yale School of Management has an exchange program with London School of Economics and Political Science, which allows participating students deepen their understanding of the business environment and culture of their host country.

Undergraduates in Yale College can study abroad for the summer or during the school year at institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, and University of Glasgow. Fellowships that support educational exchange between the University and the United Kingdom include the Fox International Fellowship Program, the Saint Andrew’s Society Graduate Scholarship Program, the Keasby Scholarship, and the Henry Fellowship.

Yale is also connected to the UK through its abundant library and museum collections. Opened in 1977, the Yale Center for British Art holds the largest and most comprehensive collection of British art outside the United Kingdom. The Center’s collections of paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, rare books, and manuscripts are complimented by a reference library with over 30,000 volumes supporting research in British art and related fields.

The Center supports and promotes scholarship by hosting visiting scholars; awarding grants; hosting symposia and other events. Its sister location, the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in London, offers Yale undergraduates the opportunity to take spring or summer courses abroad. Both institutions were made possible through the generosity of Paul Mellon (B.A. 1929), who commissioned the buildings, donated his art and endowed the museums.

The Lewis Walpole Library is another repository for British collections, serving as a research center for eighteenth-century studies, whose collections include prints, drawings, manuscripts, rare books, paintings, and decorative arts.

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