• Fox International Fellowship Program

    Since 2006, Boğaziçi University has been part of the Fox International Fellowship Program, giving students at Yale and Boğaziçi the opportunity to study on the others’ campus.

  • Student Exchange

    Koç University and Yale School of Management are part of the Global Network for Advanced Management, which connects 27 top business schools around the world. During semi-annual Global Network Weeks, students in the network can attend mini-courses at other member institutions.

  • Formative Childhood and Peacebuilding

    Yale and the AÇEV Foundation have embarked on a joint project to analyze the linkages between early childhood development and peacebuilding.

The relationship between Yale and Turkey has particularly thrived over the last decade. The Yale Middle East Visiting Scholar Program, which ran from 2007 to 2010, and the World Fellows Program, which began in 2002, have brought Turkish leaders and scholars to campus. The Fox International Fellowship Program added Boğaziçi University as one of the 12 partner schools, allowing a direct two-way student exchange between Yale and Boğaziçi. In 2008, the International Bulldogs Program expanded to include Turkey, providing Yale College students with an opportunity to study, research, or work for nine-weeks of their summer in Istanbul.

In 2010, the first Yale Week in Turkey was organized to help Yale develop ties with Turkish institutions and the Turkish people. The trip aimed to raise Yale’s profile in the country and to leverage the highly organized, motivated, and connected Yale alumni in Turkey. Yale Week in Turkey included a high-profile forum on responsible business hosted by the World Fellows Program that was co-sponsored by Boğaziçi University and the United Nations Development Program and featured a key-note address by Yale alumnus, former Governor, and U.S. presidential candidate Howard Dean, performances in Istanbul, Ankara and Ismir by the Yale Symphony Orchestra with Turkish piano virtuoso Idil Birit, and a panel on 21st century education hosted by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

That same year, the Yale-Boğaziçi Arts Initiative was launched to bring students together around performing arts projects, while the alumni of YaleGALE  (Global Alumni Leadership Exchange) went to Turkey to meet with representatives from eight Turkish universities to discuss how to develop alumni relations and foster alumni communities.

In addition to these institutional initiatives, Yale faculty members have undertaken independent research projects and collaborations in Turkey spanning 12 fields, from astronomy to art history, education, and geology. In 2008, for example, a Yale professor of surgery and radiology facilitated faculty and student exchange programs, sending Yale researchers to the Cerrahpasa Medical School and the University of Istanbul and hosting researchers here at Yale.

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